How Can I Keep From Singing!?

Most of the time no matter what emotion I’m feeling, I find myself singing! If I’m happy, I sing happy songs! If I’m sad, I sing sad songs! If I’m just regular, I sing regular songs! 🙂 (and no don’t ask me what consists of a regular song….) I have always been this way. As long as I can remember I have sung my way through life. As I got older I started singing in structured situations like choir and musicals. This honed my skills even more and gave me an even stronger love for singing and music! To this day my biggest hobby is doing musicals at local community theatres!

 Most of my family loves music too! My dad would always sing us to sleep or sing to wake us up the whole time I was growing up! My sister has been my biggest mentor in singing! She was the one who first got me into musicals and to this day we still do shows together and she and her husband often direct shows at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse in South Ogden! A few years ago my brother also did a show with us! We actually had 5 of my family members in that show! We did “Suessical the Musical” and my brother was the Cat in the Hat, my brother in law was one of the Wickersham Brothers, my sister was Mayzie LaBird, my sister in law was a who and I was a bird girl! It was awesome to spend so much time with my family singing and dancing! Hopefully as the years go by we can continue to sing together and maybe one day my kids will sing with me too! 🙂


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