I think I have an over abundance of passion in my life. It spills over into almost everything I do and to be quite frank I do a lot! One thing I love to do more than most things is cook. I love food and I love exploring new dishes and types of food. I am the kind of person that decides I want to do something and nothing is gonna stop me from doing it. The other day I decided I wanted to learn how to make homemade chinese food. So I scoured the internet for recipes I liked and then went for it. Now I make it regularly! I am not easily diswayed and sometimes I get in over my head but I learn from my mistakes and the next time I change things to make a dish work. This week I have decided to tackle sushi! I love sushi and have a friend that makes it at home all the time. He makes it look ridiculously easy and somehow I know that my sushi rolls will not be as pretty as his but its the taste that counts right? I can only hope! Wish me luck and we’ll see how it all turns out!


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  1. * msaun says:

    Sushi can be tough, I hear. I hate sushi I can’t even look at it. Even California rolls turn my stomach. I have many friends who just love it, they eat it by the pound. What kind of sushi are you going to try? What kind of fish or animal does it use? How did it work out? Will you ever try it again?

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago
  2. * kellieglass says:

    Laura, I love Sushi! Have you been to Tona on 25th street?? it is so yummy! I wish you luck with making sushi. I hear it can be hard.
    and if you love to cook and like to cook just about anything, I have a fantastic Sugar cookie recipe for you.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago

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