So now that I am going to South Dakota for the summer every moment with my friends and family is precious! Luckily I have the best friends in the world and being with them brings me huge joy! Today we decided to venture down the Gateway to check out some stores and then to my friend Connor’s house who lives in South Jordan! We decided to make dinner and take a walk around a nearby lake! We made delicious vegetable penne and it was great to just cook with all my friends! We all pitched in and it turned out so good! I am seriously so glad that I have the friends I have and I am really gonna miss them! The good thing is that absence makes the heart grow fonder and when we get back together our friendship will only be stronger!

Charlie Brown

I grew up reading Charlie Brown comics. I love them! The more I read them and the older I get, the more sense they make and the more I see how truly accurate they are! Kids are really like the characters in Charlie Brown and almost everyone can relate to Charlie Brown at one point in their life! There are many times when things are just kind of blah. That is basically Charlie Brown’s life! In “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” Schroeder poses the question, “Did you know that Charlie Brown has never pitched a winning baseball game, gotten a kite in the air, or successfully punted a football?” Lucy is always picking on Charlie Brown and noting his faults! In our lives there will always be people that put us down and sometimes it is even our closest friends! We just have to be like Charlie Brown and just keep plugging along and find the simple joys in life!

How Can I Keep From Singing!?

Most of the time no matter what emotion I’m feeling, I find myself singing! If I’m happy, I sing happy songs! If I’m sad, I sing sad songs! If I’m just regular, I sing regular songs! ūüôā (and no don’t ask me what consists of a regular song….) I have always been this way. As long as I can remember I have sung my way through life. As I got older I started singing in structured situations like choir and musicals. This honed my skills even more and gave me an even stronger love for singing and music! To this day my biggest hobby is doing musicals at local community theatres!

¬†Most of my family loves music too! My dad would always sing us to sleep or sing to wake us up the whole time I was growing up! My sister has been my biggest mentor in singing! She was the one who first got me into musicals and to this day we still do shows together and she and her husband often direct shows at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse in South Ogden! A few years ago my brother also did a show with us! We actually had 5 of my family members in that show! We did “Suessical the Musical” and my brother was the Cat in the Hat, my brother in law was one of the Wickersham Brothers, my sister was Mayzie LaBird, my sister in law was a who and I was a bird girl! It was awesome to spend so much time with my family singing and dancing! Hopefully as the years go by we can continue to sing together and maybe one day my kids will sing with me too! ūüôā

The Oldest of Friends

In my last post I talked about applying for a job in South Dakota. I think one of the biggest reasons I almost don’t wanna get the job is that it would involve leaving the comfort of the friends and life I have here. I think one of the most fulfilling things in life is getting the point in a friendship where you can truly be exactly who you are. There’s something so comforting about having a friend that you know will love and appreciate you no matter what! Most of the time these kinds of friendships take a long time to develop. Most of the friends that I have this level of comfort around have been in my life since about 7th grade! I love meeting new people but I always know in the back of my mind that my close friends are there. Moving to a whole new state with new people that I have never met will be nerve racking and force me out of my comfort zone! I will have to go through the process of becoming comfortable around the people that I work and live with!

*Literally as I was writing this I got a phone call telling me that I got the job!!

I’m super excited to go but at the same time I am so nervous and intimidated! This experience will bring a lot of firsts for me! It will be my first time living away from home, my first time driving across the country, my first time living in a different state, my first time doing my own laundry, and the first time I literally will not know anyone. Well Life is too short to be spent worrying! South Dakota here I come! I hope you’re ready for me!…..I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for you! AH!

South Dakota

I recently applied for a summer job in South Dakota. This is rather surprising to my friends considering I am always making fun of the Dakotas and I often pose the theory that they, along with Wyoming, are not really states….yet I applied! This occured when the other day I was stressed and frustrated and just having a sucky day! I was expressing my feelings to my sister and she speculated that maybe I am just in a rut and need a change of scene and something to mix up my life! She said that her husband, my brother-in-law, knew of a place in South Dakota where they hired college students from all over the country to come work at a place called Wall Drug in the city of Wall. She suggested that I look into it! Against my normal, unspontaneous attitude I looked it up online and applied that same day! I think it would do me good to have a change of pace. I have been doing basically the same thing with the same people since I graduated from high school! I think it’s time to broaden my horizons (as much as that can happen in S. Dakota…)¬†and experience something new! As exciting it will be if I get the job, it will also be very nerve racking! Moving away for the summer is out of my comfort zone and I am scared and excited to hear back from the company! AH!!!!


Two of my very best friends are blogging fiends! They blog about anything and everything in their lives and post at least once a week. I am actually not a huge blogger….no surprise considering I am writing this, my fifth blog entry, on the day that I have ten entries due for my Media Writing class! Yay me! I have a theory on why I simply cannot get into blogging. I talk too much! Instead of posting all of my feelings on the internet I express them verbally to anyone and everyone around me! Maybe I just need more experience blogging and I could get into it! Thats what my friends keep telling me! They say once you start you can’t stop! Well we’ll just have to see about that. Here I am starting….let’s see if it lasts!


SO….lately, thanks to¬†suggestions by friends,¬†I have been listening to more Europop! I freakin’ love it! I lived in Germany for 3 years when¬†I was in middle school so¬†anything European is very nostalgic for me.¬†There are lots of times I see or hear something that reminds me of Europe and I get a bit “homesick”. ¬†Music especially reminds me of the atmosphere and vibe that you get living in Europe. It has a very specific sound and¬†I can tell almost right away if a song is by a European artist or not. Case in point is a song by Oh Land called Sun of a Gun that my friend Krystal showed me. As soon as I heard it I knew it was from one of the Scandanavian countries! I looked it up and lo and behold she is Danish! Look at my skills go! Anyway its a great song and a bit different from some of the stuff you hear on the radio or from American artists. I enjoy¬†hearing something different for a change!¬†Listen and tell me what you think!

Really school?? Really?

Has anyone else ever noticed that all the work for all classes seems to be concentrated all in the same weeks? For example, last week I had absolutely no assignments in any of my classes and this week I have at least one in each plus tests in two of them. I know there is no way that professors could all coordinate but its still frustrating to have nothing to do one week and then everything to do the next. All I want is some consistency in my life! AH!

Sushi was a no go….Italy is just as good.

So the week I was going to make sushi all of the sudden got really overwhelming mentally and emotionally and it was just not gonna happen. It takes a lot of brain power to make it and I just did not have the mental capacity! So instead I made chicken parmesan. It turned out so delicious! I served it with toasted french bread, asparagus, and penne. Everyone loved it and I actually found out that I have a friend who knows how to make sushi really well so he is going to make it for us one of these days and I will observe and hopefully hone my skills!


I think I have an over¬†abundance of passion in my life. It spills over into almost everything I do and to be quite frank I do a lot! One thing I love to do more than most things is cook. I love food and I love exploring new dishes and types of food. I am the kind of person that decides I want to do something and nothing is gonna stop me from doing it. The other day I decided¬†I wanted to learn how to make homemade chinese food. So I scoured the internet for recipes I liked and then went for it. Now I make it regularly!¬†I am not easily diswayed and sometimes I get in over my head but I learn from my mistakes and the next time I change things to make a dish work. This week¬†I have decided to tackle sushi! I love sushi and have a friend that makes it at home all the time. He makes it look ridiculously easy and somehow I know that my sushi rolls will not be as pretty as his but its the taste that counts right? I can only hope! Wish me luck and we’ll see how it all turns out!